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Magnum releases a literally sunny song

Magnum releases a literally sunny song

Ice cream manufacturer Magnum has launched a special song in collaboration with Nasa in celebration of two new ice cream flavors.

Normally, a new ice cream is obviously no reason to place a news item on Alpha-Audio. However: in this case, we would like to highlight the new Double Starchaser and Double sunlover by way of exception. Reason: Magnum’s new ice cream flavors are accompanied by the release of a special song under the name “JVKE ft The Sun”. If the name JVKE means nothing to you, then you are not a user of TikTok because it’s one of the platfoms biggest stars. However, the star on the album should be taken significantly more literally, as it is our own sun.

Sun sounds

Indeed, the album incorporates sounds produced by the sun. These sounds were created by an array of data from Nasa’s data archives. These have been converted to sounds, also known as sonification. Dr. Robert Alexander has been collecting such sounds for more than a decade and enjoyed participating in the song’s creation. “The sounds are unique because they are created by the different elements on the surface of the sun and the little static clicks are plasma clouds (large bursts)”. You can listen to the track here on TikTok.