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Majority presents very affordable streamers

Majority presents very affordable streamers

UK-based Majority is releasing two new streamers – effectively a kind of all-in-ones – at very pleasant prices.

If you happen to be looking for a replacement for what used to be called a table radio (but with modern capabilities), Majority is the place to be. With one side note: the devices described below are only available in the UK for now. Hopefully that’ll change. Anyway, first, there is the Quadriga which in size and design is the closest thing to the classic table radio. It contains a DAB+ tuner, web radio, and Spotify Connect. A built-in CD player and the ability to play music from a USB memory stick have also been taken care of. Pleasing is the generously sized LCD screen. Under the hood you will find two 10″ midrange speakers and a 6″ subwoofer, together good for a maximum output power of 120 watts in 2.1 configuration. Further features include digital optical inputs, AUX input, RCA stereo input plus Bluetooth 5.0. The Quadriga costs £299.95.

‘Baby’ Bard

If you find the Quadriga a bit too big for your taste, Majority has the Bard for you. This is a device that also feels perfectly at home on a bedside table, for example. Equipped with a DAB/DAB+ and FM tuner, you can go either way as far as traditional radio is concerned. Internet radio and Spotify Connect ensure added worldwide listening freedom. There is no shortage of inputs either: USB and AUX in are available. Two 4″ midrange speakers and a 5″ subwoofer provide sound in 2.1 configuration, with a maximum output of 100 watts. The Bard costs £159.95.