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Home Hi-Fi CD-players TEAC VRDS-701 with Esoteric technology

TEAC VRDS-701 with Esoteric technology

TEAC VRDS-701 with Esoteric technology

TEAC has released a new CD player, the VRDS-701 that includes technology – the drive mechanics in particular – from Esoteric.

The drive mechanic of the new TEAC VRDS-701 CD player is armed with VRDS. The latter abbreviation stands for Vibration Free Rigid Disc Clamping System, a technique originating from Esoteric that is intended to counteract unwanted vibrations. Among other things, the CD is pressed onto the turntable with a special clamp, which increases the rotational mass and should create a more stable speed. As for the electronics, it is all TEAC, where the in-house developed discreetly dual-mono built DAC is the central pivot. Nic is, that the same DAC can also be used as an external DAC. Via USB PCM, the maximum achievable quality is 32 bit / 384 kHz and DSD up to 22.5 MHz. If desired, you can feed a 10 MHz clock signal externally. A headphone amplifier completes the package. The VRDS-701 costs €2499, available from May 20. A transport version is available too, both versions available in black or silver.