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Thorens New Reference record player

Thorens New Reference record player

The new Thorens New Reference turntable looks like a military device in the green-and-yellow version, but it’s intended for significantly more peaceful purposes.

Thorens has a long history when it comes to releasing reference turntables. The first one appeared in 1980 and now the time arrived for yet another. In the design process, according to the manufacturer, everything has been given to create a record player of the highest class. The device has been newly designed from the ground up, and among other things it is equipped with an active vibration isolation system. This component originated from a collaboration between Thorens and Seismion, a German company dedicated solely to that technology. Piezoelectric acceleration sensors with very high sensitivity are used to detect unwanted vibrations and then counteract them with active dampers.

3-phase synchronous motor

Thorens has chosen a 3-phase synchronous motor. Via a belt, the platter – suspended in a hydrodynamic bearing – is driven. A total of three tone arms can be installed – as desired – with 9-, 10- and 12-inch varieties being usable. At the time of writing, the price of the New Reference is not yet known. But we’re guessing, it probably won’t be the bargain of the week. More information about the player can be found on Thorens’ own news page; you can also download a brochure in pdf format here.