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XAVIAN Madre Perla Exclusive floorstanding speakers

XAVIAN Madre Perla Exclusive floorstanding speakers

Czech XAVIAN has released the new generation of Madre Perla Esclusiva floorstanding speakers.

The classic-looking latest generation XAVIAN Madre Perla Esclusiva floorstanding speaker is a 2.5-way system. ‘Where our original Madre Perla was ‘only’ a column version of the Perla Esclusivia, the new generation of the Madre Perla Esclusiva is a full-fledged and more mature model. Which also has the same compact and attractive dimensions, encased in a 2.5-way version with one additional bass driver and larger capacity for improved dynamics. With the aim of maintaining the original aspiration of the Perla Esclusiva and Madre Perla models: music reproduction in its organic, vibrant and colorful essence, grander than its dimensions suggest,” the manufacturer writes.

The XAVIAN Madre Perla Esclusiva columns are available in Cognac, Dark Oak and Light Oak colors for €4600, while the Black Piano Gloss, White Piano Gloss and Marine come with a price tag of €6000.