All hi-fi and high-end brands at a glance




American hi-fi / high-end brand founded in 1988. Very good at digital. The brand therefore only makes converters / CD players and drives. It was the first brand to produce an external dac, which of course says something about the pioneering behaviour of the brand.
Currently there are four players, one processor two transports and an analog to digital converter available.
The site of Wadia


Waterfall is an unknown french speaker brand. The manufacturer does not use wood, ceramics or plastic, but glass. Yeah, Waterfall makes translucent speakers. And a good one. Waterfall sounds soft, round and mild. They are not really fresh and sharply focused, but it can certainly be labeled as musical.
Waterfall makes three full speakers and an av satellite and subwoofer. The de-top-of-the-line is the Victoria. A 2 way floor stand (formerly 2.5 way!). Underneath that the Iguascu also comes a 2-way, but with one woofer less. Then comes the bookshelf, the Athabasca. The satellite was named Hurricane. Why that name was chosen is a mystery to me.
Waterfall sounds mild, calm, smooth and warm.
The Waterfall website

Wilson Audio

For more than a quarter of a century, Wilson Audio has been working towards perfection. Quite a difficult task, as the technicians among us know. But if you’ve heard a Wilson Audio, you know they’re not wrong. The Duette as well as the Sophia, the Puppy, the Maxx, Thors Hammer and the beautiful Alexandria sound downright great. Listening to a Wilson Audio is an experience… an intense experience. Too bad there will be few who have the means to get a set in the house.
The website of Wison Audio

Wilson Benesh

Wilson Benesh (1989, Yorkshire, UK) owned by Craig Milnes and Christina Milnes, a producer of louse speakers and turntables. However, the range of speakers is larger than turntables, although it all started with a turntable! The first carbon based turntable. They also have the first carbon tonearm to their name: the A.C.T One. The first loudspeaker from W.B. that also meant a breakthrough for the British company, is the A.C.T One.
Wilson Benesh sounds loose, full, quiet and open.
The website of Wilson Benesh


Xavian is a Czech loudspeaker manufacturer founded in 1998. Unfortunately, the brand is not very well known in the Netherlands. This is certainly not justified, because the Czechs make really beautiful speakers. They look a bit classic in the wood finish. You must love that. Yet: the finish is downright sublime and the units chosen are generally of high quality.
The sound colour is – with the models we have heard – mild, complete and grand.
The website of Xavian


Japanese Yamaha was founded in 1897. Yeah. Almost 120 years old. Since 1954 it has even been working on its own education system for music. In short: a bloody serious company. Also with motorcycles and boats. But we’re not gonna talk about that for a while.
Yamaha still makes high quality instruments. Think high-end pianos. In addition, for a long time particularly high quality hi-fi made. However, in recent years it has been mainly occupied with mediocre surround systems. Luckily we see another barrier there, because there’s another solid stereo line. Let’s hope this trend continues!
The website of Yamaha