All hi-fi and high-end brands at a glance




Elipson may not be one of the most famous brands in the hi-fi world. However, this French hi-fi brand from 1938 should not be skipped. Several models have won prizes in the field of design and technology. The brand has focused on a broad segment with her, in her opinion, very natural sounding loudspeakers. As a result, the brand has a finger in the thick hi-fi porridge on both stereo and multi-channel.
The brand has five lines and a multiple channel set. for an overview I refer you to the website of the quirky Elipson.


Again a British brand that makes nice speakers. The brand was founded in 1983 by Robin Marshall, but has been in the hands of Michael Creek since 1999.
The timbre is clear and open it up, but the picture’s a little on the flat side. Still, the brand has it all done well and that makes Epos very competitive, because they give a lot for relatively little money.
The site of Epic


Final is a Dutch manufacturer of electrostatic speakers. The range offers about seven speakers: from the 1500 model to the s200 subwoofer. Within the series both hybrid and full-range electrostatic states can be found. The smaller models are released in hybrid form due to the fact that they simply do not reach the low frequencies. (As opposed to a magnetostat).
Final sounds open, airy and very precise. The speakers create a wonderfully wide and deep stereo image. Unfortunately the large fullrange models are not entirely uncoloured, but that’s no different. After all, a large surface cannot vibrate quickly, which is essential for an uncoloured reproduction.
Final no longer has an importer.


Focal is one of the largest speaker brands in France. The brand has a very rich history and a large line-up. Well-known icons are, for example, the Utopia Series. Top of the list is the Grand Utopia. Focal bases his higher series on a tweeter made with beryllium. This extremely stiff and hard material provides significantly less distortion. While the earlier models with a Beryllium tweeter could still sound sharp, the newer models no longer suffer from this. Another striking innovation are the units, made of flax. Light, cheap and very good damping properties.


Grado is an American headphone and pickup cardridge manufacturer. They make very nice products for a very reasonable price. The top series (reference) consists of the RS1 and RS2. Two truly beautiful products that can easily compete with the Stax Classic and Sennheiser HD650 (of course with a beautiful amplifier). Among them are the SR models, six models in total, which Grado calls the prestige series.
Grado sounds nice and smooth, has a nice fit and a very competitive price. The same applies to the pickup cartridges.


Geithain is a German studio guitar brand. The company was founded in 1967 (Joachim Kiesler) and has built up a nice reputation among studios and musicians. By now it has quite a range of monitors and speakers. Both for studio and private use.
Geithain can be recognized by the somewhat Spartan appearance and the combined units (woofer and tweeter in line with each other).