All hi-fi and high-end brands at a glance



Focal / JM Lab

Jaques Mahul Laboratories. A French loudspeaker manufacturer that initially based its loudspeakers on Focal units. Design was not important at JM-lab. As long as it works and sounds good. And it did. The speakers are of solid quality and particularly energetic in character. They weren’t really neutral yet. But that has changed with Focal. (See that part)


Kanzy is a Dutch high end audio brand that only makes tube amps. By hand, of course. The company – founded in 2006 by Paul Dam – builds no-compromise high-power tube amps. What is high-power? 2 x 65 watts with very low distortion.
Kanzy works exclusively with products developed in-house. And also everything is made in house. That is quite unique for a Dutch company. Does this mean the finish is just “so, so”? Definitely not. First of all, the sound of a Kanzy is almost unique. It is smooth, detailed and very controlled. In addition, the finish is sublime. However: you must love gold… Real gold, all right. And partly because of this, not everyone will be able to afford a Kanzy. But yes: there must also be something to dream about for the hi-fi lovers.
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Kanzij sells directly.


Kemp is a Dutch cable company that started in 1999 and is mainly concerned with the power supply in the hi-fi rings. The brand has an extensive range of power cords, sockets, plugs, filters and even a generator. Kemp already has a very good understanding of how shielding works and this is of course reflected in the tranquillity and detail reproduction that occurs when using the mains cables, filters and sockets.
The site of Kemp
Kemp is its own importer / manufacturer.