All hi-fi and high-end brands at a glance




Jowohl, Deutsche grundligkeit in the hi-fi world. T+A makes a whole series of solid hi-fi, including a nice tube amp with no less than 80 watts of pure power (the V10)! Look, you can do something with that… The amplifier is not really precise, but it certainly has air and power. I find the design of the V-series very daring, but certainly successful. It looks neat and tidy and the color scheme, blue and silver, is beautiful.
The rest of the line of T+A which consists of amplifiers, tuners, CD players, speakers, etcetera, is neat, but certainly not so daring. But yeah, you also have to take into account with other flavors.
T+A sounds clean, tidy and rich in detail. Sometimes it could have been less analytical and more musical.
The site of T+A


What the hell happened to the Japanese TEAC? The brand that was once known as a supplier of the best drives in the world (VRDS) is now working with minisets they call ‘reference’. Just kidding… Unfortunately, under the name TEAC, they’re making this mess. TEAC now runs its reference line under the name Esoteric. Beautiful products that come with childish ease with the top. To show how seriously TEAC is still working: they have developed a mono-dac. You read it right! A separate dac per channel! Expensive joke for those who like to build a home cinema set with these products.
Esoteric not only makes cd / dvd / sacd drives and dacs, but also speakers, amplifiers and cables.
The site of TEAC
The site of Esoteric


Tentlabs is a Dutch hi-fi company founded by Guido Tent. Over the years, Tentlabs has built up a wide range. From self-built amplifiers, dacs and drives to complete products such as amplifiers, dacs, drives and loudspeakers. Typical for the Tentlabs sound are honesty, linearity and speed. We particularly like the dacs of this Eindhoven company.
The site of Tentlabs
Related to Tentlabs is Grimm Audio. This brand mainly focuses on studio equipment, although they also have (very professional) consumer products.
The site of Grimm Audio


Teufel is a German electronics room that specifically loudspeaker manufacturing. The lines are too extensive to mention. They make everything. Even himself by the way! Teufel focuses mainly on home cinema systems. Although they also have very interesting stereo models.
What’s special about Teufel is that it only works via the Internet. Sales go online.
Teufel is a particularly interesting party up to the middle segment. There they compete hard with the establishment. Partly because of the very competitive pricing. But also on sound, finish and musicality they can come along well.
The site of Teufel

Theta digital

Theta was founded in 1987. The high-end brand focuses mainly on the home cinema. And they do this quite successfully; it is not for nothing that they are the first brand to launch a high-end processor on the market: the Cassablanca. Now the brand has produced a separate DVD drive. A strange approach, but progressive and smart, because there is an increasing demand for home theatres.
The brand offers ten products: two video controllers, one dac, four power amplifiers and three sources, including an omnivore and a laserdisc combi!
Theta’s website

Thule Audio

Thule is a fairly new Danish hi-fi company that has been building amplifiers, cd / dvd / sacd-speler and tuners since 1989. And just like at Densen (also Danish) the products are very minimalistic. On / off, source selection, track-skip, volume…ready. That makes the whole thing very pleasant to use and let’s face it: that’s all you need, right?
This is of course different for the multi-channel products, but these have also been kept as simple as possible.
The site of Thule

Tivoli Audio Design

Henry Kloss is the guy behind those weird, trendy radios that are everywhere in the to be on display. The Model-1 monoradio, the Model-2 stereo, and then the Model-sub and the Model-cd and the PAL, a splash-proof version for on the beach or in the bathroom. Now there are also clock radios in the same styling. The Tivoli’s are available in many colours. From ?179 for the Model-1.
The website of Tivoli


In 1981 Renaud founded the Vergnette Triangle. The name of the best man says it all: Triangle is French. For the seasoned HiFi enthusiast, the brand is probably no stranger. Certainly not, because Triangle still makes its own units and these can also be found in other speakers. The brand is not always available in the Netherlands. That’s a pity, because the speakers sound very nice and are also friendly priced.
Triangle sounds airy, full, generous and grand.
The website of Triangle

Unison Research

Unison Research is an Italian hi-fi manufacturer that has focused mainly on tube technology. The Unico is a hybrid amplifier that has combined a tube stage with a transistor output stage. A beautiful, soft and smooth amplifier. In addition, the brand also offers amplifiers that are entirely made up of tubes: the S6 and S8, where the S6 has a pethode tube and the S8 a triode tube. An S6 or S8 with a Diapason is really heavenly.
The website of Unison Research

Van Medevoort

Another primeval Dutch brand. The company was founded on 1 April 1985 by Ad van Medevoort. Since then, he has built up a full range, ranging from mains cables to electrostatic loudspeakers and their associated sources and amplifiers.
Most of Medvoort’s products are made by the company itself. Only the drives of the omnivores come from Philips. The Amplifier sources are all independently designed and made by hand. This also applies to the speakers.
Van Medevoort sounds mild, full and honest. The new universal players will be equipped with a so called vM-clock. This will result in an improvement on all fronts: milder, deeper and better focused image, et cetera.
The site of Van Medevoort


The name behind the world-famous high-end turntables. Vpi goes for both design and very solid quality. It’s not for nothing that the real vinyl fanatics have a Vpi in their house. Vpi is at the absolute top of the turntable market.
The website of Vpi


A German loudspeaker brand that produces very solid, affordable loudspeakers. The Concept line offers very solid sounding products. The Sub-8, -10 and -12 are beautiful subwoofers that come across tight, deep and controlled. The Evolution line offers high quality for the money with the so-called phase-correction technique.
Visonik’s price/quality ratio is particularly striking.
Visonik sounds full and mild, but he’s a little flat. The subwoofers are very good.
The website of Visonik


Jahwohl…Vroemen pronounce you Vreumen. It’s a German speaker brand that sees things a little differently. The cabinet is not made of wood, but of natural stone. Looks very nice…especially in black.
The sound of a Vroemen is nice and loose, airy and supple. Just a touch on the warm side. In terms of sound it reminds a bit of Waterfall, although a Vroemen has a bit more sparkle in the middle area.
The range of Vroemen is quite large. You can choose from different floor stands and book halves. In addition, you can choose from different types Natural stone: from ceramics to marble to slate.
The site of Vroemen