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Snobbery in Hi-Fi, we are part of it ourselves

The YouTube channel of American Audioholics features a video entitled “Is Audiophile Snobbery Ruining our Hobby?” It’s a video conversation by the CEO of Audioholics Gene DellaSala with two experts from the HiFi and HighEnd world.

Large cable test in the making – (blind) listening and measuring

We don’t often announce a story. But this time we do, since there’s been quite a stir, we’ve noticed. In short: we are going to explain to you what we are going to do and how we are going to do it

Alpha measurement system

Alpha Audio’s testing policy – 2022 update

We thought it was time to give you an update on how we work at Alpha Audio. A lot has changed in the last two and a half years. So it’s useful to give you some insight into exactly how we operate

Alighn samples

A ‘quick and dirty’ test of media software – ROON – JRiver – Foobar – WMP

Does a software package (mostly server software) influence the sound? We think it is an interesting question. Because you would think it does! But how? We start our search with a test that keeps it simple for now. We play the same file through various packages and record it through a digital loopback in Adobe […]

An eye on coaxial interlinks – a few objective measurements

With the arrival of the Prism dScope III and the digital scope, we started measuring more at Alpha Audio. We consider these objective findings to be an enrichment of the content, because it also shows whether manufacturers are working in a somewhat thorough manner. For example: do they meet the specifications mentioned? How does a […]

High End Munich 2022 – “Something about Alan Parsons”

The High End Munich was grand and overwhelming: 12 immense floors with manufacturers touting their wares. One wonders whether there is a market for all these devices that compete for the attention of the trade, press and consumers.

G’s Reference – Fresh Blood 5

Well… in the last episode, I told you that my system would remain unchanged for a while now. Uhm… I have to come back to that already. How quickly things can change. How that happened, I am happy to tell you.

The Art Of the Demo

Having spent two busy days at the High End Munich, we couldn’t be more happy to experience the added value of live international meet ups. The pandemic has left us isolated from each other and that does not work us social animals. Humans love to meet, to be together. Having said that, we were less […]

I’m worried about the future of the hi-fi industry

Our planet is a crazy place. And let’s face it: humanity is just a strange collection of organisms driven primarily by … possession. And money. Because that’s status. The more ‘bling’ the better. And well… we do have to show off our successes, don’t we? Pessimistic? Perhaps it is. But – in my opinion – […]

Tweaking with wireless speakers

A ready-made system, wireless. Where is the upgrade path? Where is the hobby? Two manufacturers show they are putting new tools in the hands of the audio hobbyist: System Audio and Buchardt. We’re going to show you how to tweak with these wonderful wireless systems.