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Tweaking with wireless speakers

A ready-made system, wireless. Where is the upgrade path? Where is the hobby? Two manufacturers show they are putting new tools in the hands of the audio hobbyist: System Audio and Buchardt. We’re going to show you how to tweak with these wonderful wireless systems.

Veddan Origin – Dutch Achterhoek audio is absolutely different

If you have to name a typical audio country, you will quickly come to the United Kingdom or perhaps Denmark. Logical: they have an enormous history when it comes to brands that have proven themselves. But do you have any idea how much the Netherlands contribute to the world of hi-fi? There are some real […]

Kudos Loudspeaker

Latham Audio introduces Kudos Audio loudspeakers

British, traditional… …but also… not really. Kudos Audio is a brand with a twist. But before we explain what’s different about these loudspeakers, first a few words of history

Flag Speakers

High End Munich 2019 – Flag Speakers

At the High End Munich 2019 we were on a special stand with large magnetostats. It turns out to be an Italian brand with the name Flag Speakers. We’ll talk to Marco Zanetti. Owner and developer

Cabasse s-l1600

Who and what is Cabasse?

Cabasse is a brand that occasionally visits our inbox. Readers ask us whether we know the brand, whether there are reviews of their products. Because on the one hand it is a familiar name and on the other hand it is not very common in the Netherlands, we went looking for it.