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Richard Fryer - Spectral Audio

Video – Interview Richard Fryer – Spectral Audio

Previously, colleague René van Es wrote an extensive article in which he asked Richard Fryer about the history and philosophy of the company. We continue and go into the basis of the brand, the new products and the ‘why’ of Spectral Audio. Because… well: it is a bit of a ‘different’ brand, as you will […]

Richard Fryer - Spectral Audio

Interview Richard Fryer – Spectral Audio

Partly because of the 40th anniversary of the American company Spectral (in 2018), Richard Fryer, president of Spectral Incorporated, visited distributor More Music to introduce Spectral’s latest creations. A great opportunity to learn more about the man and the company. Where are the roots, what is the Spectral philosophy, in short why is Spectral so […]

COVID-19 and the impact on the audio industry

While we would wish it was true for the audio industry, the panic buying- at least in the Netherlands – has been limited to shelf life food and toilet paper. We have not been notified that there have been large-scale runs on audiophile network switches, streamers or floor standing loudspeakers. And that is a shame, […]

Gauder Akustik - Duitsland

Interview and factory visit – Gauder Akustik

Super-strong filtration, aluminium housings and ceramic units. Ow! And preferably diamond tweeters. That’s Gauder Akustik in a nutshell. Doesn’t this sound like music to your ears? We can imagine… But know that there are many roads to Rome. And that even with loudspeakers there are many things that cannot be predicted. Because the fact is: […]

Atoll - Frankrijk

Factory visit Atoll Electronique – France

If we would like to visit the Atoll-factory in Brecey to take a look behind the scenes. Of course! Together with Luc Van Hecke (Belram hifi) and José Loro (New Music) we take the TGV to Rennes, in the heart of Normandy, and then drive the car to the company itself. In the train we […]

Ilumnia luidspreker

Ilumnia: “The world is my client”

“The world is my customer.” That’s what Tom Nuyts, one of the two founders and owners of Ilumnia, says. In September 2017, the Nuyts brothers will present their Magister floorstander at the XFi in Veldhoven. It has an electromagnetically suspended floating woofer, a technological innovation. Now, a year later, Ilumnia has an excellent press and […]