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I’m worried about the future of the hi-fi industry

Our planet is a crazy place. And let’s face it: humanity is just a strange collection of organisms driven primarily by … possession. And money. Because that’s status. The more ‘bling’ the better. And well… we do have to show off our successes, don’t we? Pessimistic? Perhaps it is. But – in my opinion – […]

Tweaking with wireless speakers

A ready-made system, wireless. Where is the upgrade path? Where is the hobby? Two manufacturers show they are putting new tools in the hands of the audio hobbyist: System Audio and Buchardt. We’re going to show you how to tweak with these wonderful wireless systems.

Alpha Audio editorial tour – 2022 edition

It’s been three years since our last editorial tour. In between, we made an update on the remodeling of the listening room, but a complete tour that’s way too long ago. In short: here is a complete update!

A chain reaction – the search for new balance

Ow my… what have we done? We know very well that if you change one thing (permanently), things will start to tip over… (is that correct English?). And yes: partly due to the arrival of the Sonnet Pasithea, we looked at another power amplifier…. the Pass Labs X150.8. And now… whoops…things are out of balance.

Pass X150-8

Why hi-fi is the best hobby in the world

I’m a bit (actually quite) grumpy as I plop down on the couch in the listening room with a cup of coffee for a moment. “Pfff…. bullshit”. Not all days are rosy at Alpha. Shit happens… There’s a new test candidate under the Pass pre-amp: a Pass Labs X150.8. Three days old. so not yet […]

Digital Versus Analogue – A true and fair comparison

On Sunday, February 27, we conducted a special test during a live stream in the Artone Studios. We compared a fully analog set-up with a digital set-up. However, to make it really fair, we even made our own recording: one fully analog and at the same time a signal path to a DAD A/D converter. […]

Glimpse behind the scenes: Tim Knol 100% analog!

Thursday 24 February 2022 – we made the all-analog recording for the upcoming live stream. We can’t do that process live, because of the complexity of such a recording and the risk that the stream doesn’t go well. In short: Tim Knol recorded the song on thursday. A wonderfully atmospheric and ‘small’ song that should […]

Alpha measurement system

Alpha Office Update – Our measurement setup

Those of you who follow Alpha Audio on Youtube and Facebook will have noticed that we recently became the proud owners of a Prism dScope III and a Rigol digital scope. Your author has been busy for a couple of years saving up the financial means and the necessary knowledge to make the right choices. […]

Interview Peter Kolkman – The Future of Wheel

Four years ago, author Yung supported Wheel’ s Kickstart, by purchasing the special record player. But what about now, more than four years later? We sit down with Peter Kolkman for a chat. He talks candidly about the stumbling blocks and above all: the solutions and current status of the Wheel record player.

Report Audio Show iEAR 2021

Let’s face it: it was a crazy iEAR show this year. The Friday before the event the stricter Corona-measures were announced. Nothing to be done, unfortunately. Fortunately, iEAR and the exhibitors (brands) at the show are flexible enough to still make the best of it. And because of this attitude and commitment the Saturday was […]