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Interview Peter Kolkman – The Future of Wheel

Four years ago, author Yung supported Wheel’ s Kickstart, by purchasing the special record player. But what about now, more than four years later? We sit down with Peter Kolkman for a chat. He talks candidly about the stumbling blocks and above all: the solutions and current status of the Wheel record player.

Video Interview Trptk – Recording: gear

What gear does Trptk use? What’s their secret sauce? We talk to Brendon Heinst about their recording equipment in the final part of the trilogy around Trptk. Think DPA microphones, Grimm clocks and Merging converters. Nice stuff. But nice stuff by itself won’t get you there… …so Bendon says

Video Interview Trptk – All About Dithering

Nerd Alert: we’re going into depth here. But that’s okay, is it? In this interview with Brendon Heinst from Trptk, we talk about Dithering. The ‘art’ of adding ‘noise’, to prevent noise. We ask whether it is also necessary with High-Res files. Or DSD. In short: it’s an in-depth interview about an interesting technique that […]

Gauder Akustik - Duitsland

Interview and factory visit – Gauder Akustik

Super-strong filtration, aluminium housings and ceramic units. Ow! And preferably diamond tweeters. That’s Gauder Akustik in a nutshell. Doesn’t this sound like music to your ears? We can imagine… But know that there are many roads to Rome. And that even with loudspeakers there are many things that cannot be predicted. Because the fact is: […]

Grimm MU-1

Interview Eelco Grimm – Grimm Audio MU-1

New in the assortment is the MU-1. A ROON server and endpoint. However, the MU-1 has a twist. Three twists if we look at the competitors.

Ilumnia luidspreker

Ilumnia: “The world is my client”

“The world is my customer.” That’s what Tom Nuyts, one of the two founders and owners of Ilumnia, says. In September 2017, the Nuyts brothers will present their Magister floorstander at the XFi in Veldhoven. It has an electromagnetically suspended floating woofer, a technological innovation. Now, a year later, Ilumnia has an excellent press and […]