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G’s G-Spot – Taylor Swift: Folklore

Taylor Swift on Alpha-Audio. Yes, because with Folklore this ‘queen of pop’ has made a very nice album. An album full of nostalgic songs that effortlessly takes me back to my own carefree youth, but at the same time full of references to the present. My present in any case.

Interview Mark Otten – DJ – Producer – Coach

Last Saturday – 18 July 2020 – we interviewed Mark Otten. Mark is a DJ, producer, coach, teacher… musician… and so on and on. He has worked with a lot of talent in the industry. You can see who they are in the interview. By the way, the first interview at our ‘extra’ live stream […]

Alpha Audio Test Music – Tidal playlists

A few readers asked us for a playlist of our favorite test music. And of course, we love to share. It is also a very logical request, because the used tracks largely determine our impressions. That’s also the reason you’ll find a lot of genres in this playlist. We hope you will find some gems […]

G’s G Spot! Checkout!

In this section you can read all about the musical adventures of author Geoffrey (G). If he’s not sitting with his head between two speakers you can find him in the sofa with a good book. He likes to be informed about the latest hi-fi developments and searches the internet for fun stuff to test

G’s G-SPOT – Kokoroko

In this weekly section you get a – compact – insight into the eclectic music choice of author Geoffrey (G). He listens to the most diverse genres and constantly searches for the finest albums of the moment