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Audible differences Codecs – MP3 – AAC – Ogg – FLAC

After the story about audio codecs, we felt strongly about putting them to the test. What do they sound like? What are the differences? And how can we easily demonstrate that? And of course: let you hear it. We grab our reference track and get to work with Foobar and Adobe Audition!

From AAC, DSF and Flac to Mp3, Ogg Vorbis and WAV – Codecs

We stream a lot. Especially among you – the readers – streaming has become very common. We hardly ever think about what format we are streaming. AAC? ALAC? WAV? FLAC? We list these formats for you. Because one codec really isn’t the other!

Get the best sound quality from Foobar 2000

Those who work a lot on the PC will find it useful to be able to play music on the PC in a decent way. Now there are – not entirely surprisingly – countless media players. From the built-in media player to very decent paid options. We choose one of the more popular packages: Foobar […]

Audirvana Versie 3

UPNP: is it OK? And what can you do with it? Audirvana V3 under the microscope

Your editor has long ago purchased a license of the music player Audirvana. When I used iTunes as a music player, this was an ideal way to combine the ease of use of iTunes with the much better playback quality that Audirvana offers. With the arrival of ROON I used Audirvana less and less. Until […]

JPlay with ASIO Bridge and Kodi

As some readers may know, your editor has long been an avid user of Kodi (formerly Xbmc). It is a handy and versatile media package. But there is a drawback: it does not support ASIO. And therefore – for example – not JPlay’s driver. But what if you just want to use it? Well: that’s […]

Play from anywhere in the world – with ROON!

Roon is great software. It is user friendly and the sound quality is just… ‘delicious’. But there is one drawback: it is only available in the network where the ROON server is running. But we wouldn’t be Alpha Audio if we didn’t try to work around that. Because suppose you are on holiday and want […]

Grimm Audio MU1

Everything you need to know about streaming audio

It’s time for an overview. We have already written a lot about streaming. Types of streamers, apps, servers, services, networks… We’ll list everything we know for you. In short: it’s time for the ultimate Streaming Audio Guide. All in one place! Have fun reading!

Android 4.2 miracast streaming

The Reader Question – Which streaming service is the best?

We get an incredible amount of questions from readers in the mail. And that’s nice, because Alpha Audio is there to help readers. These questions also give us insight into what music and hi-fi lovers run into. We’ve sorted out all those questions to make a series: The Readers’ Question. This time a question about […]

ROON in Virtual Machine or NUC – No difference

There are a lot of conversations and ‘wires’ about power supplies on ‘ROON’ NUCs or other types of tweaks for ROON servers. Now we already use ROON Rock on a Gigabyte Brix NUC (Core i5 model). And we’re very pleased. Response is fast – even with many zones – and playback is great. Since we […]