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Grimm Audio MU1

Everything you need to know about streaming audio

It’s time for an overview. We have already written a lot about streaming. Types of streamers, apps, servers, services, networks… We’ll list everything we know for you. In short: it’s time for the ultimate Streaming Audio Guide. All in one place! Have fun reading!

Grimm MU-1

Interview Eelco Grimm – Grimm Audio MU-1

New in the assortment is the MU-1. A ROON server and endpoint. However, the MU-1 has a twist. Three twists if we look at the competitors.

Bowers Formation

Video – Bowers & Wilkins Formation Introduction

Bowers & Wilkins has entered the world of streaming audio. Now you can say yes, but they had the Zeppelin… yeah… right. But Formation is a different story: multiroom, ROON Ready, multiple products and even… an active, truly hi-fi-worthy loudspeaker system. Meet Bowers & Wilkins Formation

Grimm MU-1

Introduction Grimm Audio MU-1 Streamer

A homegrown streamer… that’s always nice to see. A streamer from Grimm Audio… even more beautiful, because that is almost a guarantee for very high quality reproduction. And in the case of the Grimm Audio MU-1: also a very high quality finish. What a beauty. But we’re ahead of the game. First, let’s see what […]