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Alpha Audio editorial tour – 2022 edition

It’s been three years since our last editorial tour. In between, we made an update on the remodeling of the listening room, but a complete tour that’s way too long ago. In short: here is a complete update!

Digital Versus Analogue – A true and fair comparison

On Sunday, February 27, we conducted a special test during a live stream in the Artone Studios. We compared a fully analog set-up with a digital set-up. However, to make it really fair, we even made our own recording: one fully analog and at the same time a signal path to a DAD A/D converter. […]

Glimpse behind the scenes: Tim Knol 100% analog!

Thursday 24 February 2022 – we made the all-analog recording for the upcoming live stream. We can’t do that process live, because of the complexity of such a recording and the risk that the stream doesn’t go well. In short: Tim Knol recorded the song on thursday. A wonderfully atmospheric and ‘small’ song that should […]

Interview Lorenzo Belloli – Bassocontinuo – Why a hi-fi rack is important

Why is a hi-fi rack important? Very logical question… After all: a device also works well on a table or standard TV stand. Right? Lorenzo Belloli of Bassocontinuo has been designing and manufacturing audio furniture for twelve years now. And for the past five years has been scientifically measuring the “performance” of his furniture to […]

Alpha Audio – 2020 – Fast forward to 2021!

We are not going to repeat ourselves by saying that 2020 was a crazy year. Everyone knows that. Still, crazy doesn’t mean it was a worthless year. Of course it has been exciting. And even disastrous for many entrepreneurs. For the audio / hi-fi it certainly didn’t turn out to be a bad year after […]

Video Interview Trptk – Recording: gear

What gear does Trptk use? What’s their secret sauce? We talk to Brendon Heinst about their recording equipment in the final part of the trilogy around Trptk. Think DPA microphones, Grimm clocks and Merging converters. Nice stuff. But nice stuff by itself won’t get you there… …so Bendon says

Video Interview Trptk – All About Dithering

Nerd Alert: we’re going into depth here. But that’s okay, is it? In this interview with Brendon Heinst from Trptk, we talk about Dithering. The ‘art’ of adding ‘noise’, to prevent noise. We ask whether it is also necessary with High-Res files. Or DSD. In short: it’s an in-depth interview about an interesting technique that […]

Video interview Trptk – High Res Audio, DXD and DSD

What’s DXD? Or DSD? What’s the difference? And what about MQA? We talk – extensively – with Brendon Heinst from Trptk studios in Utrecht, Netherlands. He explains to us – you – in detail, what high-res audio is, and why 32 bit floating point DXD can be useful. We take a nice sip from our […]


Interview Grimm Audio

On Saturday, August 15, we held – live on Youtube – an interview with the gentlemen of Grimm Audio. You – as a viewer – could also ask questions via the chat. Although we had planned an hour to max 90 minutes, we hadn’t finished talking after about two hours. This because both Guido Tent […]

Interview Mark Otten – DJ – Producer – Coach

Last Saturday – 18 July 2020 – we interviewed Mark Otten. Mark is a DJ, producer, coach, teacher… musician… and so on and on. He has worked with a lot of talent in the industry. You can see who they are in the interview. By the way, the first interview at our ‘extra’ live stream […]