Alpha Audio – 2011 to 2020

Thanks to you all!

Believe it or not: writing this article about the history of Alpha Audio does something with your editor. It’s an impressive trip down memory lane. Ten years is over so quickly. When you’re on that train, you don’t see exactly what you’re doing. You just do everything. And when it’s over, it’s over.

Also: during the collection of all those pictures, you get to see a lot of other photos. And well: that does something too. You don’t ‘scroll through you life’ that often.

One thing has become very clear when collecting the data and writing the piece: your editor has had a lot of beautiful people around him these ten years. Both great authors and wonderful readers. That’s worth a lot: even though some paths have been separated. That doesn’t matter. You learn from it. And it doesn’t alter the fact that there has been a great time.

So here is a direct and sincere thanks to everyone who has worked on/at Alpha Audio. And a thanks to all the readers who have faithfully followed us all these years. On to the next ten years!

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