Alpha Audio editorial tour – 2022 edition

It’s been three years since our last editorial tour. In between, we made an update on the remodeling of the listening room, but a complete tour that’s way too long ago. In short: here is a complete update! Alpha Audio has always been a little different. Both in terms of focus and in terms of setting up reviews. Recently, we’ve once again made some big changes in approach. Think of embracing livestreams, setting up a sampling facility and adding measurements to our reviews (where possible).

In this tour we’ll open up our rooms and tell you about what we’ve been doing lately and what Alpha Audio stands for. We hope you find it interesting.

Video Alpha Audio editorial tour – 2022


  1. You have lovely offices/studio/computers/ all necessary equipment and you do lovely in depths reviews. I maybe naïve but how do you make your money, profits or expenses to do all these reviews and to upkeep all connected with Alpha Audio? It seems like a lovely job that every one wants to do who loves music and audio, which seems very busy taking up all your time, but how do you stay alive….?

      1. Sorry. Hope we didn’t disappoint you. We do record artists by the way. At our live streams in the Artone Studio we test gear ánd have live music. That music we record for our audience ánd the artist. Check our live-streams for that.

  2. Don’t worry you did not disappoint me just solved my curiosity. Keep up the good work..! I hope you will review the Nad C399 Integrated amp this is special because of the features it has, with a decent DAC and plenty of power to boot (with Dirac room correction optional) all for £1,800.00 A good review would be if you paired the amp with a speaker which is a little difficult to drive eg ATC SCM 19 or even the ATC SCM40. These particular speakers will not only reveal if the amp can drive them properly but whether the amp has the quality (like the Hegel H120) to shine with speakers further up the chain. I know that NAD have recently produced new NAD amps like M33 but they all are at a certain high price, while the NAd c399 offers roughly the same (if not better for some…?) for exciting £1,800.00…!

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