Alpha Audio Test Music – Tidal playlists

A few readers asked us for a playlist of our favorite test music. And of course, we love to share. It is also a very logical request, because the used tracks largely determine our impressions. That’s also the reason you’ll find a lot of genres in this playlist. We hope you will find some gems in the Alpha Audio Test List!

Last update: May 16, 2020

Feel free to leave suggestions under this article. We are always looking for some nice tracks / music!

For your information: not everything we play is on Tidal. Think of Rammstein (yes… we play that too), Kruder & Dorfmeister, older work of Mumford & Sons and so on. We try to find as much as possible. But the fact is: not all music can be streamed online. That’s why we still cherish our nas-drive with flac-files.

You will see that the test music differs per author, but that there are also very different genres. Acoustic, electronic, metal, vocal, orchestral, blues, jazz… …everything. This to get a good all-round picture of the equipment.

Ideally, of course, a system plays everything perfectly. Reality is different. You can also read that in the reviews.

The Alpha Audio Tidal Test Playlists

Below you will find a list of test music for each author. This will give you an idea of what – per author – is being played. The first list we share is by Jaap Veenstra. The other lists will be published in this article.

Jaap’s test music

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