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Alpha’s Top Tips for Better Sound

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G's Tweaks


When reviewing various devices, as an author you can’t escape a little tweaking. One speaker sounds better a little further from the wall. The other needs to be turned in a little further. Tweaks that your editor grabs more often are:

  • The Isoacoustics Aperta decouplers
  • A good Sbooster power supply

Here are some free tweaks. Give speakers some toe-in: a little more or less toe-in makes a big difference.

Also the distance to the side wall. Play with that to get a good balance. 

A tweak that is not always possible, but is also free, if it is included: it can sometimes pay off to change the filter on the dac. These differences are often very subtle, but audible

Stop tweaking!

It sounds crazy, but if you are simply not satisfied with the sound of your system, sometimes you just have to stop tweaking. Then start looking for new speakers or perhaps a new amplifier. Perhaps the room does not work well with your system. There is not much you can do about that. 

A – in the opinion of your editor – golden piece of advice: do not be fooled and do not let yourself be influenced by the opinion of countless other ‘experts’. Choose the sound you like to hear yourself. Is that ultra clean or super colored? That does not matter at all. Listen yourself and buy things you like to listen to and that make you happy. Find the sound and the gear that draws you into the music. That’s what it’s all about!

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