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CD’s; not that crazy yet

CD wand

Jeukende euro’s



We Dutch are on the penny. In the case of streaming music services, that’s a thing. A subscription at Tidal costs us 20 euros a month. We get Hi-Fi (cd) quality in return. We can then listen to unlimited music all day long. But the music will never be ours. We can all use it if we pay money for the subscription. We have access, but no possession.

In addition: if there is a malfunction at the Internet Service Provider, we have no connection to the Internet. So no music.

When we look at our own listening behaviour, we mainly stream our favourite music. Of course, we also use streaming services. For example, to discover new music. But we always fall back on our own gems. The discovered gems. Including those on the streaming services. And that’s not at all crazy. Then why don’t you just buy it?


This brings us to the financial part. For a year of streaming CDs from TIDAL, we pay 12x 20 euros. In one year that’s 240 euros. Well, we wonder, how much music can we buy for that 240 euros? By buying the music on CD, it also becomes our property (not the music itself). We will also no longer be dependent on an internet connection. That’s nice. Don’t you want to stream the music? Then you can just rip the CDs to a NAS and play over the network.

Turn right for Vinyl

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. Because the focus is on vinyl. Completely insane! For a new album on vinyl we can quickly deposit 40 euros. CDs do a little better, the price is around 18 euros. The same ratio can also be found in the average cycle or CD shop.

The price for a CD varies between 1 and 7 euros. Also depends on the condition (scratches) of the CD. Another possibility is Amazon. Unfortunately Amazon is not yet in the Netherlands, but it is with our neighbors in Germany. Here we offer 3 CDs for 15 euros and 3 CDs for 25 euros. There are also plenty of people who say goodbye to their collection on Marktplaats.

We turn left here and go straight to the CDs.

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