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CD’s; not that crazy yet

CD wand

Zoeken en scoren


CD wand

Let’s start with the fun we’ve had looking for music lately. But the fun didn’t stop there. Just like with vinyl, listening to the music is a wonderful process. We really have the music in our hands. That makes for a different experience of the music.

We started working with the free version of Spotify and soundcloud. We also made a list with the favorite music we had in Tidal. Then we started looking for CDs with a budget of 240 euros.

In the marketplace you will find a small collection. Mainly 80’s music. With some good titles in between. Dire straits – Brothers in arms and Sade – Diamond life. Good albums that should not be missing from a collection. We’re scoring 20 CDs here for 25 euros. For the same amount we buy 3 cd’s on Bol.com: Amy Winehouse, Imagine dragons, and George Ezra.

On Amazon we come across new music. So we’ve got Muse’s latest album in our shopping cart. But also Greta van Fleet, Gregory Porter. That brings the final amount to just under 35 euros.


On a rainy Tuesday morning, we walk into a thrift store. We see that Vinyl got a stage and that the amounts on the records are 10 euros. In a container further down the road we see CDs. That’s what we’ve been looking for. We come across some excellent titles here. From classic to pop and rock.

There’s a problem, though. The cd’s are 1,50 euro. This is making us greedy. Next to us is a pile of 30 CDs. “Well, you can’t leave it for 1.50.” But and this is a big but. If we look at the CDs at the bottom, almost half of them fall off. Some CDs are so scratched that it’s better to build a fountain in the Sahara than to try to play them. Eventually we walk outside with 12 cd’s.

This puts the counter at 103 euros and on 38 CDs.

Treasure hunters

On the editorial staff at Alpha Audio, we’re all starting to realize that CD actually fits in very well with our audio hobby. We even believe that CDs are going to be the new trend in audioland. Our budget of 240 euros is far from exhausted. While we’ve already scored a lot of music. Searching for music feels like treasure hunt. Especially if we come across that title that we still miss in the collection. With us is the largest treasure hunter, also the one with the largest music collection. We will be happy to continue searching and should we meet you on the way, please hook on! Good music should be listened to together.


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