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Everything you need to know about streaming audio

Grimm Audio MU1

To round it up

Let’s summarize. We talked about the history of streaming. Then we looked at what streaming exactly is: playing music over a network. That stream can come from the internet, but also from a server in the network. Think of a NAS or a Nuc with a Roon server on it. Or of course Squeeze server.

After that we talked about the various types of streamers: multi zone or single zone. It is up to you to decide what kind of streamer suits you. It is possible to mix, but know that you often have to use two apps. And that’s not very convenient.

Finally, we discussed the ripping of CDs and visited the online services. We also touched on the types of compression. Lossless and Lossy.

Once you’ve been through all of this, you’ll know from A to Z what’s needed for streaming audio. So you’ll come to the store well-prepared… Don’t be fooled by all the choices and terms. Trust your ears and your own common sense!

Happy Streaming!

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