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Glimpse behind the scenes: Tim Knol 100% analog!

Thursday 24 February 2022 – we made the all-analog recording for the upcoming live stream. We can’t do that process live, because of the complexity of such a recording and the risk that the stream doesn’t go well. In short: Tim Knol recorded the song on thursday. A wonderfully atmospheric and ‘small’ song that should do well next Sunday

If you are going to compare analog and digital, it is extremely important to use the right recordings. So for the live stream of 27-02-2022 we made our own recording: one digital and one fully analogue on a lacquer. We can play the lacquer once. Quite a rare piece of vinyl.

During the recording we also made a digital recording in 24 bit / 96 kHz. In short: the recordings were made simultaneously. That makes the only variable digital and analog. It doesn’t get any fairer, it seems to us. Of course, top-notch equipment was also used in both cases.

Watch video of the shooting

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