Ilumnia: “The world is my client”

Ilumnia luidspreker

Evolutie of revolutie


How does Tom view innovation? A patent on the current technology has been applied for and provisionally approved in the first phase. Patent pending. Will there be major innovations in the future, or does he want to stabilise? Although you never know what his brother is up to, Tom doesn’t expect revolution on a technical level, rather evolution.

“You can’t make what floats even more floaty.”

Of course, improvements can be made in the material field, but that is gradual. Here too, Nuyts is committed to stability and consolidation.

That’s the DNA

The brothers have made choices that can consistently control growth: high exclusivity, high price range, geographical spread, limited numbers per country, a possible queue of customers, no deviations from the Ilumnia sound per country or continent and no revolutions in technology. Everything shows a great love for quality, exclusivity and the human scale. That’s Ilumnia’s DNA.


Without choices, there is no business. However, I am aware that these choices also involve risks. For example, we talk about maintaining quality on the other side of the world, mastering a global supply chain and communicating with customers from different cultures and language areas. Only with a very high and consistent product quality and a network of reliable high quality distributors can the brothers master it all from their home base. You don’t just realize that. When asked, Nuyts does indeed tell us that he wants the distribution network to be complete in a year’s time and that he wants to have achieved stability in the production process. In his opinion, that is more than enough targets for a year.


I think it’s an impressive and ambitious vision of Tom Nuyts and his brother. I am very curious where Ilumnia will be in a year’s time. At the moment it is impossible to predict whether the combination of small numbers and exclusive quality will generate a price level that will make their ambitious but costly plans feasible. We’re gonna see it because Alpha-Audio is gonna follow it for you.

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