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Interview Peter Kolkman – The Future of Wheel

Four years ago, author Yung supported Wheel’ s Kickstart, by purchasing the special record player. But what about now, more than four years later? We sit down with Peter Kolkman for a chat. He talks candidly about the stumbling blocks and above all: the solutions and current status of the Wheel record player. An idea is something else than its complete implementation. That’s kind of the conclusion we can draw after this interview. Wheel was a great idea. But designing a turntable like that and making it ready for production is a whole other story.

Peter Kolkman of Miniot – the company behind Wheel – talks about his problems with outsourcing (especially quality problems) and his choice to redesign everything so that things can be made in house. Because, he says, keeping control of the production process is crucial if you want to keep quality high.

An additional advantage is that you can redesign and adjust much faster. Now redesigning just takes time. And actually, a design phase of four years for a product like Wheel is not bad at all. It may look like a simple product, but at the end of the day there is a lot involved. For example: what record player can play horizontally and vertically? There is a lot of electronics behind that feature. And that’s just one seemingly small detail.

We thought it would be interesting to take a look behind the scenes at Wheel. A beautiful, Dutch company with an innovative spirit. For all the details you can listen to the interview or watch the whole thing.

Listen to the interview with Wheel

Watch the interview with Wheel

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