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G’s reference – fresh blood 4

Due to a concurrence of circumstances, a lot of new elements have crept into my reference system over the past few months and therefore your author wrote this new episode of ‘Fresh Blood’. Just to bring you back up to speed with all the big and small changes. Enjoy!

Update – Renovating the Alpha Audio listening room

Regular readers will have noticed that we are working hard at ‘pimping’ the office. The entire listening room is being rebuild with the primary goal of getting the acoustics (even) better and also getting the noise floor down. Now we regularly hear some traffic. And that is inconvenient in our line of work. In this […]

Inventing is the norm

The Netherlands is the country where the cassette tape, the compact disc, bluetooth and wifi were invented. With the passing away of Lou Ottens, for many years the ‘head of inventions’ of Philips Audio and Video, we started to dive a little into the history of the country’s inventors. And that makes us quite proud!

Alpha Audio – 2020 – Fast forward to 2021!

We are not going to repeat ourselves by saying that 2020 was a crazy year. Everyone knows that. Still, crazy doesn’t mean it was a worthless year. Of course it has been exciting. And even disastrous for many entrepreneurs. For the audio / hi-fi it certainly didn’t turn out to be a bad year after […]

G’s G-Spot – Taylor Swift: Folklore

Taylor Swift on Alpha-Audio. Yes, because with Folklore this ‘queen of pop’ has made a very nice album. An album full of nostalgic songs that effortlessly takes me back to my own carefree youth, but at the same time full of references to the present. My present in any case.


Interview Grimm Audio

On Saturday, August 15, we held – live on Youtube – an interview with the gentlemen of Grimm Audio. You – as a viewer – could also ask questions via the chat. Although we had planned an hour to max 90 minutes, we hadn’t finished talking after about two hours. This because both Guido Tent […]

The 13th Note stops, and what that says about the audio industry

The British audio platform The 13th Note has announced it is stopping. In a series of background articles it becomes clear what the main reason is for this decision. And that makes you think about the audio industry, the money flows and the role of the media.

Alpha Audio – 2011 to 2020

It’s a bit of a surprise. But when we went through our Google Pictures, we came to the conclusion that we are already working on Alpha Audio for more than ten years. Officially the domain ‘alpha-audio’ was registered in 2005 (The Dutch version). And before that – 2002 – it was known as audiofreak. But […]

Peter Buwalda - Bonita Avenue

We are family

Because it doesn’t always have to be music that we discuss in these kind of articles, I have a literature-advice for you this week. And although I immediately realize that this book may have been a bestseller in the Netherlands, I would still like to give this a second chance and warmly recommend it to […]

G’s G Spot! Checkout!

In this section you can read all about the musical adventures of author Geoffrey (G). If he’s not sitting with his head between two speakers you can find him in the sofa with a good book. He likes to be informed about the latest hi-fi developments and searches the internet for fun stuff to test