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Archives: Background - Streaming Audio

Play from anywhere in the world – with ROON!

Roon is great software. It is user friendly and the sound quality is just… ‘delicious’. But there is one drawback: it is only available in the network where the ROON server is running. But we wouldn’t be Alpha Audio if we didn’t try to work around that. Because suppose you are on holiday and want […]

Measuring Ethernet cables – Part 1

Ethernet cables. Since streaming has entered the world of high-end audio, we see ethernet cables from almost every manufacturer: Audioquest, Supra, Nordost, Shunyata, Chord, et cetera. But Ethernet is digital. And also package based (in contrast to spdif, for example). That can’t go wrong, can it? How is it then possible that we hear differences? […]

The influence of Quality of Service on streaming audio

Networking is already a tricky subject. After all, it’s just 1’s and 0’s traveling the digital highway. And yes: they are. We’ve already written a lot about it. And also our conclusion is that the data arrives undamaged at the entry-port of the streamer. Still, we hear differences in cables and switches. So, we have […]

Grimm Audio MU1

Everything you need to know about streaming audio

It’s time for an overview. We have already written a lot about streaming. Types of streamers, apps, servers, services, networks… We’ll list everything we know for you. In short: it’s time for the ultimate Streaming Audio Guide. All in one place! Have fun reading!

The Reader Question – A special switch for audio?

We get quite a lot of questions in our mailbox. And that’s nice. Because that way we know what’s going on with you! Some questions we get more often. Think about questions about networks and switches for the audio installation. In this “Reader Question”-series we try to clear things up for you. This time: a […]

Fiber netwerk audio

The Ultimate Streaming Audio Network (according to Jaap)

It’s unbelievable how many questions we get around networking. And how many questions are asked about networking in the Facebook group Streaming Audio. And unfortunately a lot of questions are answered, but not very clearly.  Either they are simply incorrect, or they are so technical and ‘over the top’ that the questioner just doesn’t understand […]

Audio devices decisive for 2010-2020

The second decade of the 21st century is almost over. Time to look back at what has been the most influential audio equipment for us in the last ten years. Of course you can leave your opinion at the end of this article. We would also like to hear what you have remembered from the […]

Multitest Multiroom Audio

The Reader Question – Why multiroom audio?

We get a lot of questions in our mailbox every week. Superb, of course. This way we get a lot more feeling with our readers and we know immediately what is going on and where the questions lie. This week: multiroom audio. What is it? And what’s the difference with single room audio? We set […]

Android 4.2 miracast streaming

The Reader Question – Which streaming service is the best?

We get an incredible amount of questions from readers in the mail. And that’s nice, because Alpha Audio is there to help readers. These questions also give us insight into what music and hi-fi lovers run into. We’ve sorted out all those questions to make a series: The Readers’ Question. This time a question about […]

Grimm MU-1

Interview Eelco Grimm – Grimm Audio MU-1

New in the assortment is the MU-1. A ROON server and endpoint. However, the MU-1 has a twist. Three twists if we look at the competitors.