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Multitest bookshelfs

Which bookshelf – standmount or monitor – is right for you?

Admittedly… sometimes we too don’t quite know when to use which term, but let’s just say that we use the above terms for compact speakers that are not floorstanding models. So: speakers that do not stand directly on the floor but use some kind of additional stand. We have had the opportunity to test quite […]

Interview Alfred Vassilkov – Estelon

This time we have a very special person in front of the camera: Alfred Vassilkov from Estelon. You know: those special speakers from Estonia. Vassilkov is the founder of Estelon and the designer of these special creations. We had the opportunity to talk to him for over an hour about his childhood, his passions and […]

Dutch Audio Event – All live streams and podcasts

Alpha Audio was – of course – also present at the Dutch Audio Event. We had set up a live-stream studio in room 83 to do four talk shows on Saturday and a live test with power-cables on Sunday. We can safely conclude that it was a great success. During the streams our room (100m2) […]

My love-hate relationship with online publishing in the audio industry

Is it wise? Smart…? We’ll see. The fact is: I just felt the need to unburden my heart to you: the reader and viewer. Because not everyone gets what happens behind the scenes. And how this affects their private lives. And that’s not always necessary, of course, because Alpha Audio is not intended to become […]

Cable shielding and a DIY power cord

After the DIY double shielded network cable we got the hang of it. Partly due to the many questions whether this construction of double shielding connected at both ends, works with every cable. Well… we’re just going to try it! We buy two meters of VMVK cable at the hardware store, grab our roll of […]

Make your own high-end network cable – shield it baby!

We’re back in the swing of things with networking. A short while ago we looked at a total of ten network plugs to determine how they install. We haven’t gotten around to a listening test yet, but that’s still to come if all goes well. Before we start that, however, we wondered: what if we […]

The Alpha Audio listening room is finished! And why we rebuilt it

We almost dare to say: fiew…. finally. After about two months of remodeling – two weeks of which were full time and the rest we did between our daily work – the listening room is ready. Is it perfect? No, of course not. But it is a significant improvement on what it was.

G’s new reference speaker – Revel Performa M126 Be

As you could read in Fresh Blood 4, my Atc Scm19 V2 monitors have found a new owner after three years of loyal service. They did their job excellently but due to a lack of ‘body’ at the bottom I started looking for a speaker that would be more balanced in my space. The Atc’s […]

G’s Hifi Lab -Testing one, two, three

Writing reviews, and writing in general, is something that suits me. To the core. The combination of listening to music and writing about it is probably the ideal and when Jaap Veenstra asked me to write for Alpha-Audio I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I’ve been part of this great team for over three years […]

G’s reference – fresh blood 4

Due to a concurrence of circumstances, a lot of new elements have crept into my reference system over the past few months and therefore your author wrote this new episode of ‘Fresh Blood’. Just to bring you back up to speed with all the big and small changes. Enjoy!