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COVID-19 and the impact on the audio industry

While we would wish it was true for the audio industry, the panic buying- at least in the Netherlands – has been limited to shelf life food and toilet paper. We have not been notified that there have been large-scale runs on audiophile network switches, streamers or floor standing loudspeakers. And that is a shame, […]

Video Tour headquarters Alpha Audio

We think it’s time to introduce our readers to Alpha Audio. Where are we located? What does the office look like? What gear do we work with. We made the tour in English especially for our English-speaking readers and viewers. Have fun watching!

The majority of audio stores need to change dramatically

Imagine: you walk into a car dealer to buy a new car. You’re all set. But then the salesman starts asking countless questions about the types of asphalt you are going to explore, types of tyres, rubber compounds, paint armour with special UV coatings, radiator capacity, fuel compositions and potential injection pollution… Hmmm… It’s weird, […]

CD wand

CD’s; not that crazy yet

The audio market is a special market. Especially when we look at the technological developments. We started out on records, tape recorders and cassette tapes. This in a time frame of about 50 years. But the development of the CD changed a lot. Especially for us music lovers. Lovers who are always looking for that […]