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Spectrum tot 1000Mhz Paars is Silent Angel en geel is Netgear

Measuring on an audiophile switch – Part 2

Audiophile switches are a new hype it seems. We now see models coming from various manufacturers. Some are even more luxurious and expensive than others. The question is of course: does it really do anything in terms of sound quality? And if so, how is that possible? Because also in the Switch world, we see […]

Meten aan de Silent Angel Bonn N8

Measuring on an audiophile switch… part 1

Audiophile network switches. Jeez. That’s a tricky subject. IT people will laugh very hard when an enthusiast reports that he or she has spent a few hundred or even more than 1000 euros on a switch. Honestly, we’re struggling too. Cause it’s almost impossible to explain. Yet there are differences. Sometimes big, sometimes (very) small. […]

NAIM Audio

Interview Charlie Henderson – NAIM Audio

We were recently at NAIM Audio. Having some coffee and checking out nice NAIM gear during the tour through the factory. We also had an interesting conversation with the new Managing Director – Charlie Henderson. We captured that on camera! 

DALI Katch One

High End Munchen 2019 – DALI Katch One

DALI will show the new Katch One at the High End 2019. A sound bar… but not completely… We explain exactly what the new DALI Katch One is

Bowers Formation

Video – Bowers & Wilkins Formation Introduction

Bowers & Wilkins has entered the world of streaming audio. Now you can say yes, but they had the Zeppelin… yeah… right. But Formation is a different story: multiroom, ROON Ready, multiple products and even… an active, truly hi-fi-worthy loudspeaker system. Meet Bowers & Wilkins Formation

Grimm MU-1

Introduction Grimm Audio MU-1 Streamer

A homegrown streamer… that’s always nice to see. A streamer from Grimm Audio… even more beautiful, because that is almost a guarantee for very high quality reproduction. And in the case of the Grimm Audio MU-1: also a very high quality finish. What a beauty. But we’re ahead of the game. First, let’s see what […]

ROON in Virtual Machine or NUC – No difference

There are a lot of conversations and ‘wires’ about power supplies on ‘ROON’ NUCs or other types of tweaks for ROON servers. Now we already use ROON Rock on a Gigabyte Brix NUC (Core i5 model). And we’re very pleased. Response is fast – even with many zones – and playback is great. Since we […]

Fiber netwerk audio

A Fiber Network for audio

We have regularly heard from readers that they hear a difference between network cables. And now we’re not going to deny it. However, we are not (yet) convinced about the differences between various UTP cables (Or SFP, S-FTP, etc). What we are curious about is an optical – fiber – network for audio. We bought […]