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Fidelizer Etherstream

The reader question – Power filter or seperate power group?

We get quite a lot of questions in our mailbox. And that’s nice. Because that way we know what’s going on with you! Some questions we get more often. Think about questions about energy filters – power filters – and separate groups for audio. In this series we try to make things clear for you

Jinwei Cable

The Reader Question – Which cable should I buy?

We get a lot of questions at Alpha Audio. Either via mail, or via the response option in articles, and the forum. Very nice of course, because that way we know what’s going on among the readers! So keep asking questions: that’s what we’re here for. This time we tackle the cable issue!

Multitest bookshelfs

The Reader Question – Bookshelf or floorstanding speaker?

We get a lot of questions at Alpha Audio. Some questions are asked regularly. We’ll take those questions out and answer them in the section: The Readers’ Question. This time: bookshelf or floorstanding speaker. An interesting question!

Audio devices decisive for 2010-2020

The second decade of the 21st century is almost over. Time to look back at what has been the most influential audio equipment for us in the last ten years. Of course you can leave your opinion at the end of this article. We would also like to hear what you have remembered from the […]

Gauder Akustik - Duitsland

Interview and factory visit – Gauder Akustik

Super-strong filtration, aluminium housings and ceramic units. Ow! And preferably diamond tweeters. That’s Gauder Akustik in a nutshell. Doesn’t this sound like music to your ears? We can imagine… But know that there are many roads to Rome. And that even with loudspeakers there are many things that cannot be predicted. Because the fact is: […]

Grimm MU-1

Interview Eelco Grimm – Grimm Audio MU-1

New in the assortment is the MU-1. A ROON server and endpoint. However, the MU-1 has a twist. Three twists if we look at the competitors.

Xfi 2019

Report Xfi Show 2019 – Netherlands

It’s that time of year again: shows! Xfi is traditionally late September. iEAR is approaching… and we’ll save you the list of store shows. That’s what the show diary‘s for. What we are not going to save you, is a report of the Xfi Premium Audio Show 2019. Both Geoffrey Vanhouwaert and Jaap Veenstra are […]

Atoll - Frankrijk

Factory visit Atoll Electronique – France

If we would like to visit the Atoll-factory in Brecey to take a look behind the scenes. Of course! Together with Luc Van Hecke (Belram hifi) and José Loro (New Music) we take the TGV to Rennes, in the heart of Normandy, and then drive the car to the company itself. In the train we […]

NAIM Audio

Interview Charlie Henderson – NAIM Audio

We were recently at NAIM Audio. Having some coffee and checking out nice NAIM gear during the tour through the factory. We also had an interesting conversation with the new Managing Director – Charlie Henderson. We captured that on camera! 

The majority of audio stores need to change dramatically

Imagine: you walk into a car dealer to buy a new car. You’re all set. But then the salesman starts asking countless questions about the types of asphalt you are going to explore, types of tyres, rubber compounds, paint armour with special UV coatings, radiator capacity, fuel compositions and potential injection pollution… Hmmm… It’s weird, […]