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High End Munich 2019 – Audiodinamica

The Italians are back! And now with more stuff than ever. Last year they had a step-up transformer, this year we see a power amplifier, pre-amp, headphone amp, phono-pre, and there are still a dac, streamer and all-in-one in anticipation. How did they get this done? And what are all these devices? Check the video.

High End Munich 2019 – Isotek

On High End 2019 we talk with Keith about the new Isotek SuperNova. What is it? What can it do? And what’s the difference with Isotek’s other filters? We ask the designer himself!

Flag Speakers

High End Munich 2019 – Flag Speakers

At the High End Munich 2019 we were on a special stand with large magnetostats. It turns out to be an Italian brand with the name Flag Speakers. We’ll talk to Marco Zanetti. Owner and developer

Bowers Formation

Video – Bowers & Wilkins Formation Introduction

Bowers & Wilkins has entered the world of streaming audio. Now you can say yes, but they had the Zeppelin… yeah… right. But Formation is a different story: multiroom, ROON Ready, multiple products and even… an active, truly hi-fi-worthy loudspeaker system. Meet Bowers & Wilkins Formation

CD wand

CD’s; not that crazy yet

The audio market is a special market. Especially when we look at the technological developments. We started out on records, tape recorders and cassette tapes. This in a time frame of about 50 years. But the development of the CD changed a lot. Especially for us music lovers. Lovers who are always looking for that […]

Cabasse s-l1600

Who and what is Cabasse?

Cabasse is a brand that occasionally visits our inbox. Readers ask us whether we know the brand, whether there are reviews of their products. Because on the one hand it is a familiar name and on the other hand it is not very common in the Netherlands, we went looking for it.

Ilumnia luidspreker

Ilumnia: “The world is my client”

“The world is my customer.” That’s what Tom Nuyts, one of the two founders and owners of Ilumnia, says. In September 2017, the Nuyts brothers will present their Magister floorstander at the XFi in Veldhoven. It has an electromagnetically suspended floating woofer, a technological innovation. Now, a year later, Ilumnia has an excellent press and […]