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High End Munich 2019 – Estelon Speakers

We talk to Alfred van Estelon about the new Forza and the philosophy of Estelon loudspeakers. Alfred Vassilkov has a rather different approach than many a loudspeaker builder. We’ll show you what’s different on video

High End Munchen 2019 - Ascendo

High End Munich 2019 – Ascendo

At High End we come across a new brand for the Dutch market: the German brand Ascendo. This loudspeaker manufacturer specializes in high level home cinema. But it is also possible to purchase a stereo setup. We got the Director of Ascendo for the camera: Geoffrey Heinzel

NAIM Muso 2nd gen

High End Munich 2019 – NAIM Muso 2nd gen

We speak with Clare from NAIM about the new MUSO 2nd gen streaming speaker. Although it is practically the same – optically speaking – as the first generation, everything is different. Internally, everything is sturdier, a more powerful streaming board is used and similar software runs on it compared to the new generation NAIM streamers. […]

Hegel H390

High End Munich 2019 – Hegel H390

Hegel showed a successor to the popular H360 at the High End Munich 2019: the H390. This is on almost all levels a different amplifier than the H360 and in fact a baby H590… We’ll talk to Anders Erzeid to find out more.

DALI Katch One

High End Munchen 2019 – DALI Katch One

DALI will show the new Katch One at the High End 2019. A sound bar… but not completely… We explain exactly what the new DALI Katch One is

MOON 860A V2

High End Munich 2019 – MOON 860A V2

On the High End 2019 MOON introduces its new 860A V2 power amplifier. A rather brutal beast that can do its work not only in stereo, but also in mono. Technologically, the cooling – and thus stable temperature of the transistors – is particularly well done. Costa Koulisakis and Dominique Poupart explain everything

Bugatti Chiron

High End Munich 2019 – Bugatti Chiron – The Audio

You don’t buy a Bugatti for audio quality in the first place. Isn’t that right? But know that there is a serious audio system in the Chiron. Completely custom made by Accuton. Right… that manufacturer of those beautiful units. We step into this beautiful hypercar… to experience the audio

High End Munich 2019 – Audiodinamica

The Italians are back! And now with more stuff than ever. Last year they had a step-up transformer, this year we see a power amplifier, pre-amp, headphone amp, phono-pre, and there are still a dac, streamer and all-in-one in anticipation. How did they get this done? And what are all these devices? Check the video.

High End Munich 2019 – Isotek

On High End 2019 we talk with Keith about the new Isotek SuperNova. What is it? What can it do? And what’s the difference with Isotek’s other filters? We ask the designer himself!

Flag Speakers

High End Munich 2019 – Flag Speakers

At the High End Munich 2019 we were on a special stand with large magnetostats. It turns out to be an Italian brand with the name Flag Speakers. We’ll talk to Marco Zanetti. Owner and developer