Video – Interview Richard Fryer – Spectral Audio

Richard Fryer - Spectral Audio

Previously, colleague René van Es wrote an extensive article in which he asked Richard Fryer about the history and philosophy of the company. We continue and go into the basis of the brand, the new products and the ‘why’ of Spectral Audio. Because… well: it is a bit of a ‘different’ brand, as you will notice. 

We don’t have to go into the history of Spectral Audio now. We already did that. Now, we want to ask Richard Fryer ‘why’ he wanted to create audio products …and why is so much bandwidth needed and what makes the new products better than the previous ones? Now Fryer is not a technician – he is technical – but above all a psychologist who deals with how human hearing works. So expect different kinds of answers than you’re used to from a technical person.

However, this is typical for Spectral Audio. It is a stubborn company with a very idiosyncratic approach. From the very first designs, Spectral Audio is different. Own designs, own dacs, own philosophy on how audio equipment should reproduce. And that creates its own sound. Or better said: no sound. At least, according to Spectral. And that is exactly the goal of the Americans.

We wish you a lot of viewing pleasure!

Video Interview Richard Fryer – Spectral Audio

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