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Video interview Trptk – High Res Audio, DXD and DSD

What’s DXD? Or DSD? What’s the difference? And what about MQA? We talk – extensively – with Brendon Heinst from Trptk studios in Utrecht, Netherlands. He explains to us – you – in detail, what high-res audio is, and why 32 bit floating point DXD can be useful. We take a nice sip from our fresh Espresso and have a chat. 

Brendon Heinst has an interesting history when it comes to music and production. He was apprenticed to Eelco Grimm (HKU). There he had an enormous interest in music production. After some photography in the fashion world, photo jobs for other labels and work at other labels he started his own studio: Trptk.

Now he’s not only interested in music production (recording, mastering), but also in the technology. And that interest has led to a lot of experiments with file formats, sampling rates, microphone placement (especially for surround recordings) and dithering.

Now we won’t go into all those aspects in one episode. This time we’ll stick to sampling rates and formats. In the next episodes we’ll discuss dithering and the recording process!

Audio – Interview on Soundcloud

Video – interview – High Res Audio, DSD, DXD, MQA

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