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Peter Buwalda - Bonita Avenue

Because it doesn’t always have to be music that we discuss in these kind of articles, I have a literature-advice for you this week. And although I immediately realize that this book may have been a bestseller in the Netherlands, I would still like to give this a second chance and warmly recommend it to the readers of Alpha-Audio who didn’t pick it up at the time

The book I’m talking about is “Bonita Avenue”, the magisterial debut of Peter Buwalda from 2010 already. Now I’m not a much-reader like my brother, he has a few thousand books at home, but I like to read regularly and because of my brother’s mini-library I’m never shy about a book.

So it was that this book that i found in the new monthly load. It tells the story of Siem Sigerius, rector magnificus at the University of Twente, a man who, at first sight, leads a carefree civilian life. But from the beginning you feel that this family drama will not have a happy ending. The striking descriptions of the main characters and their surroundings haunt you for a long time and the language is also full of inventive comparisons and pointed dialogues that ensure that this book has rightly become a classic. One to discover or to reread urgently.

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