Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition

Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition

Pro-Ject (re)celebrates its entrance into the world of high-end with the limited-edition Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition turntable.

1999 was the year Pro-Ject launched the Perspective turntable. It marked the company’s entrance into the world of high-end. To commemorate that milestone, there is now the limited (only 400 will be made) Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition. The player’s distinctive see-through base has been retained as a legacy of its illustrious past while stability improvements have also been made. Practical is the motor speed control where two modes can be chosen from. In addition, the rotation speed is now electronically controlled. This is a more practical approach than that of the original in which multiple motors were used to select different speeds.

Ortofon 2M Bronze included

As an extra bonus, the Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge is included with the Pro-Ject Perspective Final Edition. It also comes with a dust cover and a personal ownership certificate. As an optional extra, you can order a plaque with the serial number of the turntable. A final note: the addition Final Edition will be used more often by the manufacturer. In a new line that should be a tribute to Pro-Ject’s past, to be precise.

The Perspective Final Edition costs €1399.