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Photos and videos Noir et Blanc show 2022

Last weekend was the first edition of the Noir et Blanc show in Brussels. Naturally, Alpha Audio was also there to take a look around. Your author was also allowed to give a talk on a typical “Alpha subject,” namely streaming audio networking. Colleague Hans Beekhuyzen complemented it with a lecture on digital audio. Especially […]

New measurement equipment – LISN – insight into power supply noise!

Your author does like measuring equipment. It says “your author” deliberately, because not all authors are into scopes, resistors and analyzers. Anyway: to each his or her “thing. The danger of this “thing”: it never ends. And yes: something has been added again: a LISN. What? Well… listen..

Why comparing specifications is completely pointless

Bitrates, sampling rates, bit sizes, wattages, amplifier classes…. as an audio enthusiast, there are countless specifications to compare. But it is – virtually – all meaningless. Why? Because the specifications that matter are not reported ánd because every manufacturer measures differently. let’s explain that.

Mass test ‘plug in filters’ – an impression of the test setup

We are busy setting up a test setup for a big ‘plug in filter’ test. You probably know them: plugs that you put in the socket to combat noise on the mains. There are countless such plugs. In short: time to provide an overview and to separate the men from the sissies!

The mutual influence of speakers, amplifiers and cables

The story around speaker cables that we recently published has stirred up quite a bit. With us, but also with designers who, in response to our questions and findings, began to ask about various combinations and influences. Think about the influence of a speaker on the results. Or a combination of amplifier and speaker. In […]

Snobbery in Hi-Fi, we are part of it ourselves

The YouTube channel of American Audioholics features a video entitled “Is Audiophile Snobbery Ruining our Hobby?” It’s a video conversation by the CEO of Audioholics Gene DellaSala with two experts from the HiFi and HighEnd world.

Large cable test in the making – (blind) listening and measuring

We don’t often announce a story. But this time we do, since there’s been quite a stir, we’ve noticed. In short: we are going to explain to you what we are going to do and how we are going to do it

Alpha measurement system

Alpha Audio’s testing policy – 2022 update

We thought it was time to give you an update on how we work at Alpha Audio. A lot has changed in the last two and a half years. So it’s useful to give you some insight into exactly how we operate

An eye on coaxial interlinks – a few objective measurements

With the arrival of the Prism dScope III and the digital scope, we started measuring more at Alpha Audio. We consider these objective findings to be an enrichment of the content, because it also shows whether manufacturers are working in a somewhat thorough manner. For example: do they meet the specifications mentioned? How does a […]

High End Munich 2022 – “Something about Alan Parsons”

The High End Munich was grand and overwhelming: 12 immense floors with manufacturers touting their wares. One wonders whether there is a market for all these devices that compete for the attention of the trade, press and consumers.