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The mutual influence of speakers, amplifiers and cables

The story around speaker cables that we recently published has stirred up quite a bit. With us, but also with designers who, in response to our questions and findings, began to ask about various combinations and influences. Think about the influence of a speaker on the results. Or a combination of amplifier and speaker. In […]

Large cable test in the making – (blind) listening and measuring

We don’t often announce a story. But this time we do, since there’s been quite a stir, we’ve noticed. In short: we are going to explain to you what we are going to do and how we are going to do it

An eye on coaxial interlinks – a few objective measurements

With the arrival of the Prism dScope III and the digital scope, we started measuring more at Alpha Audio. We consider these objective findings to be an enrichment of the content, because it also shows whether manufacturers are working in a somewhat thorough manner. For example: do they meet the specifications mentioned? How does a […]

Cable shielding and a DIY power cord

After the DIY double shielded network cable we got the hang of it. Partly due to the many questions whether this construction of double shielding connected at both ends, works with every cable. Well… we’re just going to try it! We buy two meters of VMVK cable at the hardware store, grab our roll of […]

Make your own high-end network cable – shield it baby!

We’re back in the swing of things with networking. A short while ago we looked at a total of ten network plugs to determine how they install. We haven’t gotten around to a listening test yet, but that’s still to come if all goes well. Before we start that, however, we wondered: what if we […]

Measuring Ethernet cables – Part 1

Ethernet cables. Since streaming has entered the world of high-end audio, we see ethernet cables from almost every manufacturer: Audioquest, Supra, Nordost, Shunyata, Chord, et cetera. But Ethernet is digital. And also package based (in contrast to spdif, for example). That can’t go wrong, can it? How is it then possible that we hear differences? […]

Jinwei Cable

The Reader Question – Which cable should I buy?

We get a lot of questions at Alpha Audio. Either via mail, or via the response option in articles, and the forum. Very nice of course, because that way we know what’s going on among the readers! So keep asking questions: that’s what we’re here for. This time we tackle the cable issue!