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Draide Flow Reference 808

Review Driade Flow Reference 808 speaker cable – The Flow Master

That speaker cables make a difference, we have now proven in two major tests – here and here – with measurements. In short: if you are not yet convinced: read those stories. We can now move on to a new product made by – for us – the now well-known brand Driade: the Flow Reference […]

Review John van Gent – Magic Link Jubilee Edition

That hi-fi can be a seriously expensive – and interesting – hobby no longer surprises anyone. Even we are used to it by now. Still it is still a ‘thing’ when we have a pair of 2850 Euro cables (50cm). Our version is 80 cm, which comes down to 3060 Euro per stereo pair. Anyway: […]

Yeti Power - Reference

Review YETI Reference power cable

Power cables are always a topic of discussion. Power is power… 230 volts is 230 volts and 50 Hz is 50 Hz…. Yes. That’s right. And yet we hear differences. Why is that? We are going to find out one day. Until then you have to make do with our measurements, samples and our blue […]

Megatest speaker cables – real measurements, samples and blind test!

We can say without a doubt that this test of speaker cables is the most intensive test Alpha Audio has done to date. We have invested a tremendous amount of time and energy in this comparative test. We have also acquired two new, beautiful measuring devices to carry out this test. And all this to […]

Authentic Audio Image – AAI: cables and pads – High level tweaking

Authentic Audio Image – AAI – is a manufacturer of cables and accessories from Slovakia. The Dutch importer, Musicom, has sent us three sets of pads and a whole set of cables from the “Vittorioso” line for some tweaking. In short: there’s work to be done!

Ricable Invictus

Ricable Invictus cabling – Out of the way!

There there is little or nothing in this hobby that elicits such fierce reactions as reviews of cables. However, many manufacturers make a good living with the products and even produce cables that cost more than an average family car. Is this a case of collective insanity or is there more to it? Many audiophiles […]

Review – five RCA interlinks – Blind test – cable madness!

On Sunday, January 30, we tested five interlinks live for you; actually, six, because we also picked up the “dropveter” for reference. A beautiful red/white cable that you will find standard in the box. You can watch the entire livestream back here. Below we outline our findings. Beware ‘non believers’; the differences are quite obvious! […]

Review Ricable Magnus cabling: High Class!

Audiophiles are a breed apart but you already knew that. We are always looking for better, larger and more expensive until finally, some of us anyway, we see the light and realize that it is really all about the music and not about some exotic speaker cable. Now this may seem like a strange way […]

Driade Flow Link Reference

Review Driade Flow Link Reference 808 interlinks – Get Connected

Regular readers of Alpha Audio will know by now that we’ve included the Driade Flow speaker cable in our regular set-up for a while now. This is not without reason: it is a great neutral speaker cable which allows us to use it with virtually any configuration of components. The rest of the cabling in […]

What causes audible differences in network cables?

We round off our little investigation into network cables with a listening test and a clear conclusion. As promised we subjected the network plugs to a listening test and listened to three different configurations: shielding fixed on one side, shielding fixed on two sides and double shielded (and both sides connected). Do we hear differences? […]