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Mark Levinson 5805

Review Mark Levinson 5805 integrated amplifier – Full body

Mark Levinson … A brand with a very rich history. And a brand that makes many an enthusiast’s mouth drool. Think of the No.33 power amplifiers. Or the new ML-50 in honor of the 50th anniversary. We slow down a bit with the No 5805 integrated amplifier. Although that’s still 11,500 Euro… so… a lot […]

Kora TB140

Review Kora TB140 integrated amplifier – Absolute beauty

Ever heard of the French brand Kora? Neither did we until recently but we suspect that this will soon change enough. Dutch distributor Dimex has had Kora in its portfolio for a while now and we see the brand appearing more and more often. Kora has been around for a while but after 2014 it […]

ASR Emitter 1

Review ASR Emitter 1 amplifier – Bizarre buffers

There are review products that you sometimes have to wait for. Or that suddenly resurface after years. In this case, it’s the ASR Emitter 1 that we suddenly have to think about again. We once heard it playing at the Gydotron audio show in Belgium. Your author remembers well that that system was playing particularly […]

Review Atoll ST300 streamer and Atoll AM300 power amplifier

Atoll Electronique from Brecey, France, has gained a foothold in Holland and Belgium in recent years. Not least because of importer Viertron who, without exception, makes available every device in their catalog. This time we even received two devices. But we mainly focused on the Atoll ST300 streamer – 3000 Euro – because in addition […]

Advance Paris X-i180

Review Advance Paris A12 integrated amplifier – Frivolous Frenchman

We vividly remember seeing this new Advance Paris at the High End Munich 2022: a brute beast with loads of connection options. At the time – May 2022 – it was still named Advance Paris X-i180. But this has since been renamed Advance Paris A12. The reason is that this is more in line with […]

Denon PMA-1700NE – Up beat beast!

With 110 years of historical innovation and heritage , Denon has a name to be proud of. The Denon PMA-1700NE is the latest addition to the line of the Japanese Brand. Developed and made in Japan, we are very curious what this versatile powerhouse will bring us.

Cyrus Audio i7 XR

Review Cyrus i7-XR integrated amplifier – eXtreme(R)

“Made in the UK” is the first thing that appears when we start up today’s test object and that announcement immediately puts a smile on our faces. Not because we have a special bond with the island but because Cyrus Audio is clearly proud of his/her origins. Provenance, pedigree is important. Necessary even. Especially now […]

Review NuPrime Ida-8 integrated amplifier

The NuPrime Ida-8 integrated amplifier has been available for a while but because it did so well in our last bookshelf multitest it deserves a full-fledged review. This amplifier “matched” very well with each speaker and drove them effortlessly as well. So the focus today is on NuPrime and Jason Lim with his interesting amplifiers […]

Lyngdorf TDAI 1120

Review Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 – Room Service

In early October we could all go to the Koningshof in Veldhoven again to visit the renewed XFI fair, now Dutch Audio Event. As always it was great to get lost in the maze that the Koningshof really is. The supplied map doesn’t help much, if at all, but that shouldn’t spoil the fun. Sometimes […]

Review Primare A35.8 – the bridge between movies and music

Sweden’s Primare is a brand that has forty years of experience producing hi-fi. And it applies delicious Scandinavian sobriety in the process. Focus on the important things. Think of a in house developed, solid power supply, sleek design without bling and use of proven concepts. Think of Hypex nCore. We take a look at their […]