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Tweaking with wireless speakers

A ready-made system, wireless. Where is the upgrade path? Where is the hobby? Two manufacturers show they are putting new tools in the hands of the audio hobbyist: System Audio and Buchardt. We’re going to show you how to tweak with these wonderful wireless systems.

Multitest bookshelfs

Which bookshelf – standmount or monitor – is right for you?

Admittedly… sometimes we too don’t quite know when to use which term, but let’s just say that we use the above terms for compact speakers that are not floorstanding models. So: speakers that do not stand directly on the floor but use some kind of additional stand. We have had the opportunity to test quite […]

Interview Alfred Vassilkov – Estelon

This time we have a very special person in front of the camera: Alfred Vassilkov from Estelon. You know: those special speakers from Estonia. Vassilkov is the founder of Estelon and the designer of these special creations. We had the opportunity to talk to him for over an hour about his childhood, his passions and […]

G’s new reference speaker – Revel Performa M126 Be

As you could read in Fresh Blood 4, my Atc Scm19 V2 monitors have found a new owner after three years of loyal service. They did their job excellently but due to a lack of ‘body’ at the bottom I started looking for a speaker that would be more balanced in my space. The Atc’s […]

Dion Audio M123 monitor speaker

The search for a new reference speaker – part 1

As previously reported in a short update video we posted earlier, we are looking for a new reference speaker. A reader pointed out to us that it might be fun to do a series on this search. Great idea. That’s what we’re going to do, because it’s also important for you to know why a […]

Veddan Origin – Dutch Achterhoek audio is absolutely different

If you have to name a typical audio country, you will quickly come to the United Kingdom or perhaps Denmark. Logical: they have an enormous history when it comes to brands that have proven themselves. But do you have any idea how much the Netherlands contribute to the world of hi-fi? There are some real […]

Kudos Loudspeaker

Latham Audio introduces Kudos Audio loudspeakers

British, traditional… …but also… not really. Kudos Audio is a brand with a twist. But before we explain what’s different about these loudspeakers, first a few words of history

The Reader Question – Which amplifier suits me?

We get quite a lot of questions in our mailbox. And that’s nice. Because that way we know what’s going on with you! Some questions we get more often. Think about questions about amplifiers and speakers. In this series we try to make things clear for you. This time: which amplifier suits me?

Multitest bookshelfs

The Reader Question – Bookshelf or floorstanding speaker?

We get a lot of questions at Alpha Audio. Some questions are asked regularly. We’ll take those questions out and answer them in the section: The Readers’ Question. This time: bookshelf or floorstanding speaker. An interesting question!

Flag Speakers

High End Munich 2019 – Flag Speakers

At the High End Munich 2019 we were on a special stand with large magnetostats. It turns out to be an Italian brand with the name Flag Speakers. We’ll talk to Marco Zanetti. Owner and developer