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Multitest bookshelf speakers – 2500 Euro – part 3

We have already reached the final part of this triptych. Finally, we have heard fourteen bookshelf speakers pass by. That’s a lot of speakers. And we tested them not on one but on two amplifiers. So that amounts to 28 combinations and then on three tracks. A lot of listening, but incredibly interesting! This time […]

Multitest bookshelf speakers – 2500 euros – part 2

On Sunday, March 19, we did part two of the mega test of monitor speakers. We again listened to five speakers live for you to give you an idea of their sound characteristics. This time it’s the Sonus Faber Sonetto I, Audio Physic Step 35, GoldenEar BRX, JBL HDI 1600 and the Neat Petite Classic.

Review KLH Audio Model Five – Modern Vintage

In recent years a lot of manufacturers have been releasing new versions of their classics from the 60s and 70s. Think JBL, PSB, Wharfedale, Mission and KLH to name a few. And while these products look very much like their illustrious predecessors on the outside, thankfully they are now made with the latest materials and […]

Multitest bookshelf speakers – 2500 Euro – part 1

On Sunday, Feb. 26, we live streamed the first part of the multitest bookshelf speakers around $2,500. Listening to different speakers is always interesting. With no product are you going to hear such big differences. Even an amplifier or dac results in less difference in sound. Let’s go through the first five models. We have […]

Review TAD CE1TX monitor – off the scale

The Japanese brand TAD we know pretty well at Alpha Audio. Well before we started using our own TAD E2s in the reference system, we enjoyed those (sort of) wacky speakers with their famous coax drivers a few times at shows and demos. We now have the ‘Compact Evolution 1 TX’ in the listening room. […]

Perlisten S4b

Review Perlisten S4b monitor speaker – Honestly lasts the longest

The American brand Perlisten is a newcomer to the scene but is rapidly gaining a foothold in the crowded audio market. They are doing this by having their loudspeakers confidently tested by the entire international press. And by doing things a little differently than usual. In fact, they are fully committed to innovation, and this […]

Review Elac Debut Connex DCB41 Powered speaker – Make the connection

Sometimes you are just done with those separate components. The cables you need, the skill you need to get right, the synergy you need to find. It’s just not that obvious… Of course it’s part of the hobby but there are those days when you think; couldn’t it all be a little bit more easy? […]

Neat Petite Classic

Review Neat Petite Classic – Fine Art

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, Neat Acoustics of Great Britain recently released the limited edition Neat Classic 30. It sold out so quickly that they decided to release a “regular” version called the Neat Petite Classic. Thus, a whole new generation can discover why the primal version of this speaker has since become legendary. […]

JBL 4312G Ghost Edition (3)

Review JBL Model 4312G Ghost Edition Control Monitor – Witty!

JBL, James Bullough Lansing, who doesn’t know him? Possibly everyone knows the famous brand, if only from their popular boomboxes. But there’s more. JBL also has a hi-fi division of which the Classic L100 is probably the best known representative. For this author, it is the first “hands on” introduction to this illustrious brand and […]

JBL 4305P

Review JBL 4305P – old skool good

JBL is an American brand that really needs no introduction. The brand, whose full name is James Bullough Lansing, is part of the Harman Group (now Samsung) and makes both products for consumers and professional equipment for artists. Including complete arrays for live music. Impressive. We are certainly not testing such a ‘big ass’ array, […]