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JBL 4305P

Review JBL 4305P – old skool good

JBL is an American brand that really needs no introduction. The brand, whose full name is James Bullough Lansing, is part of the Harman Group (now Samsung) and makes both products for consumers and professional equipment for artists. Including complete arrays for live music. Impressive. We are certainly not testing such a ‘big ass’ array, […]

Review MOON Voice 22 monitor speaker

A MOON speaker? Yep… we too had to take a closer look. We know the Canadian brand MOON mainly from amplifiers, dacs and, for example, phono preamplifiers. But a loudspeaker? The question is of course whether MOON as an “electronics manufacturer” can make a decent loudspeaker. After all, a Dutch saying says: cobbler stick to […]

Live Stream test – PMC Fact.12 – Perlisten S7t – TAD Evolution 2

It was an interesting live stream we held on Sept. 25, 2022. Not only was the music “unlike anything else”; the speakers we had as guests this time were also of a special caliber. Among them, a new – relatively unknown – brand participated: Perlisten. Which had to compete against two heavyweights: PMC and TAD. […]

Review Acoustic Energy AE300 bookshelf – Relaxed reproducer

Faithful readers know that this author once started with a set of Acoustic Energy AE301. The AE301 was a compact, affordable speaker (funds were limited) that looked good and that you could place close to the back wall. Everything we were looking for in a speaker. Today, the successor to that AE301 is shining in […]

Review Kudos Cardea Super 10A – Active pacifist

Kudos Audio from Britain has been making loudspeakers since 1991 and has been distributed by Latham Audio for several years now. So that we too, across the channel, can enjoy all the beauty this company has to offer. Alpha Audio has now tested the Titan 606 and Cardea Super 20A. Today it’s the turn of […]

Review ELAC 4Pi Plus.2 super tweeter – Airy lightness

Sometimes you see products that you know exist, but have simply never tried. A super tweeter is one of those things. So when Elac launched the new 4Pi Plus.2 (what a name), your author did not really have to think long: this is the moment to put a pair of ‘bulbs’ on our speakers! And […]

Review DALI Opticon 6 MK2 – Light-footed giant

The speaker market is unprecedentedly crowded and saturated. On the one hand, that’s an advantage – there’s a lot of choice and tough competition keeps prices down – but it’s also incredibly difficult to make a choice: there’s just too much. Fortunately, there are many reviews to be found online, so you can at least […]

Wharfedale Diamond 12.2

Review Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 – Bright like a diamond?

Wharfedale is a big name in the hi-fi world. The originally British brand has put many beautiful – affordable – speakers on the market. It is now part of IAG – International Audio Group – Audiolab, Quad, Castle, Mission, Leak and for example Elco – A big player. Let’s see if Wharfedale can still make […]

Driade Model 2S – With the ‘S’ of Sublime

The Driade Model 2 stole the show in the extensive €4000 speaker comparison. The 2S is the replacement for this model. The bar has been set high by its predecessor, will the 2S exceed it or will it be limbo dancing?

Kudos Super 20A

Review Kudos Cardea Super 20A – straight to the heart

Loyal readers of Alpha Audio know that we have had a pair of Kudos speakers in our listening room on a few occasions. However, those were all models from the top series: the Titan 505 and Titan 606. At Latham – the supplier for Kudos in the Netherlands and Belgium – we also got to […]