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MOON phono pre-amps

Review – MOON phono pre-amps – Fly me to the Phono-moon!

Suppose you have a reasonable mid-range record player. Does it then matter what kind of phono preamp you connect to it? What would the differences be and, not unimportantly, is the difference in price audible/explainable/justifiable? We’re going to experience it with you, because we have almost the entire lineup of phono pre-amplifiers from MOON in […]

Multitest: Tidal vs Qobuz vs Spotify vs Master files vs Vinyl vs Cassette

Is there a audible difference between streaming services? And what are these differences? We had this test on our wish list for a long time and when preparing it we came to the conclusion that playlists already existed before there were online streaming services. These tracks were in fact recorded onto a cassette tape; for personal use […]

Review Primare R35 phono pre-amp

Vinyl has been hot for a couple of years now and it will stay that way for a while (we guess). But if you thought you were finished with a nice turntable, then you should definitely read through. Welcome to the world of phono preamplifiers. We are testing the reference model of the Swedish Primare: […]

Review Yamaha Vinyl 500

The Yamaha Vinyl 500 is a very special vinyl turner which, in addition to analogue material, can also handle the latest digital music formats and streaming protocols.

Thorens TD170

Review Thorens TD 170 turntable

The Thorens TD 170 is an excellent entry into the world of vinyl. The fully automatic control is an advantage and will appeal to many beginners. With the TD 170 no needle endlessly stuck in the groove when the record is finished. Because of the light weight, it is important that you put the turntable in a stable place that is as free as possible from vibration. And most importantly, ensure a good match between the supplied Ortofon OM 10 element and the phono preamplifier.