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Primare A35.8 8-channel amplifier

Primare A35.8 8-channel amplifier

That the new Primare A35.8 has a total of 8 channels on board already indicates, of course, that this amplifier is primarily intended for surround.

For anyone looking for a solid boost to their movie sound, or surround concerts, there is the Primare A35.8. This is an 8-channel amplifier with a total power of 1200 Watts into 8 Ohms or 2400 Watts into 4 Ohms. A nice detail is, that you can use all 8 channels separately, or 150 Watts max per channel. However, pairwise bridging is also an option, which halves the number of channels but doubles the power output per channel. Internally, signal paths to input and output as well as power paths are kept as short as possible. The individual amplifier modules are neatly separated from each other by means of clever placement of the copper heat sinks. In terms of inputs, you can choose between symmetrical XLR or asymmetrical cinch. The price for the Primae A35.8 is €5000.