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Listening to Deezer via Apple Watch


Good news for Apple Watch owners: they can now listen to their Deezer tracks offline from their watch.

Deezer subscribers can now download tracks from their playlist for offline listening. Depending on the exact model, Apple’s smart watch has several Gigabytes of storage space, enough for a few hours of listening pleasure. Downloading the playlist is done either via a wifi connection at home or via a shared mobile internet connection. If you have the deluxe version of the Apple Watch – with mobile internet on board – then autonomous downloading on the go is also possible.

Starting with Apple Watch gen. 3

The advantage of the watch as a player is of course that it is an extremely mobile device. Ideal for during sports, for example. Pair the Apple Watch with a set of good truly wireless in-ears and you are as free as a bird.

To use the offline Deezer playlists you need a Watch of the third generation or newer, running on at least WatchOS 6. Plus the most recent version of Deezer. For now, arch-rival Spotify does not yet offer the offline listening option on the Watch. But who knows: if one sheep crosses the dam, more will follow! And if not, it might be time to consider a switch to Deezer.

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