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Acoustic Energy

Acoustic Energy AE109-2

Review Acoustic Energy AE109² – Festival at home

Enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes. This means that amplifiers, streamers, cables and speakers come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Perfect, because a hobby should be fun for all of us. Acoustic Energy is a brand that also has interesting stuff for ‘the common man’. Today we have the smallest floorstander in front […]

Acoustic Energy

Acoustic Energy AE320 speaker

Benelux distributor Viertron announces that Acoustic Energy has released a new floorstanding loudspeaker in the form of the AE320.

Acoustic Energy AE509

Review Acoustic Energy AE509 floorstanders

After testing countless bookshelves, we had a couple of floorstanders come over to our Belgium editor. And we’re not sad about that. The Dutch importor of Acoustic Energy, Viertron, wanted to send us a pair of Acoustic Energy AE509. Within two weeks a couple of satin white floorstanders landed directly from the factory in Cirencester. […]

BMC Audio Ultradac

The End of Year Top 5 – Geoffrey

The year 2020 was, to put it mildly, a special year. A disrupted year especially in which a lot of things were questioned and in which we showed our best but often also our little side. Because of the measures imposed, we stayed in our listening room even more than usual. But hey: this was […]

Acoustic Energy AE500

Review Acoustic Energy AE500

We don’t have to get used to the Acoustic Energy AE500 for long because this speaker is completely balanced. We put Roon on shuffle and notice that most genres come through well.